Wednesday, January 6, 2016

DAY 3 Continued: Mass of the Epiphany at St. Peter's

ABOVE:  Here we are around 7:25 AM walking towards St. Peter's and the security line to get into the Square.

ABOVE:  The ticket.

ABOVE:  Rev. Mr. Charlie Friebohle of the Diocese of Duluth displaying his ticket.

ABOVE:  Here we are waiting at another security check point in the Square.  Getting closer.

ABOVE:  Rev. Mr. Charles Mugabi, Diocese of Kabale, Uganda, East Africa, vested in the alb and dalmatic provided for the Mas of the Epiphany at St. Peter's with the Holy Father.


  1. Paul please extend our love to Charlie and let him know we spent an hour before the blessed sacrament praying for his healing. Good to read your posts and see all the sites you are experiencing the mass was incredible:) Thank you for sharing that with us.