Wednesday, January 13, 2016

DAY 8 Evening: Visit to Missionaries of Charity

ABOVE:  The evening of Monday January 11.  We sat with our shoes removed in the simple chapel of the Missionaries of Charity house in Rome.  The superior of the sisters in Rome had no lecture or talk; she received our questions with direct responses.  She is originally from Malta.  Had heard of the nun in India who had moved outside of the convent to work amidst the poor a little before 1960.  She wrote and then meet mother Teresa in India and joined the mission.


  • I thirst:  These are the words of Jesus to Blessed Mother Teresa while on a train to Darjeeling in the 1946.  That day, God spoke to mother in a profound encounter with her soul, and gave her the call to "satiate the thirst of Jesus by serving Him in the poorest of the poor."
  • You Did It to Me:  The 5 words, from Matthew 25, that mother would live by, one for each finger.
We were also able to see and spend time in the room mother would stay in when she came to Rome.  The sister said that traveling with her, and keeping her schedule was rigorous.  Mother, her whole life, would sleep about 2 hours a night.  She stayed up in her room answering all letters she received by hand.  In the morning, she would always be the first in the chapel to adore Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

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