Tuesday, January 12, 2016

DAY 7: Sunday January 10 - Baptism of Our Lord

Greetings once again from the eternal city!  Know that the experience here has been rich!


Friday January 8:

  • Morning - 7:45 AM
    • Mass at the tomb and altar of Saint John XXIII in Saint Peter's Basilica (served by Rev. Mr. Neil Bakker and homily given by Rev. Mr. Joe Zabinski)
  • Afternoon 
    • OPEN 
Saturday January 9:

  • All day
    • OPEN
Sunday January 10:
  • Morning - Baptism of Our Lord
    • OPEN
  • Noon - 12 PM
    • A handful of the men joined the Holy Father and the many pilgrims in town for the weekly Angelus in St. Peter's Square.  The Holy Father, when he is in Rome, on Sundays and Solemnities comes to the window of his office to greet the pilgrims who are gathered in the square.  He typically gives a brief reflection on the Gospel for the day (Italian) and then leads the Angelus (Latin).

ABOVE:  The room of the the third window from the right (1 window left of Francis) is the room in which Saint John Paul II died in 2005.

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