Wednesday, January 13, 2016

DAY 9 morning: San Clemente

ABOVE:  Basilica of Saint Clement.


  • Third bishop of Rome.
  • Martyr - Executed during the third general persecution of Christians (AD 100 Trajan)
    • By drowning - The executioners tied an anchor to his neck and threw him in the Sea of Azou

ABOVE:  12th Century Mosaic.  Named the Triumph of the Cross.

ABOVE:  Detail.  John the beloved disciple and Mary stand at the foot of the cross.  The twelve doves in the cross represent the 12 apostles.  At the base, is the vine, from which all life flows.

A tooth of St. James and St. Ignatius make up part of the mosaic of the body of Jesus on the cross.

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  1. Your recent posts and photos from Rome are beautiful, thank you!